Listening to our customers

The High­ways Agency has a world class rep­u­ta­tion for the oper­a­tion, main­te­nance and improve­ment of England’s motor­ways and trunk roads.

Under­stand­ing the needs of our cus­tomers is an inte­gral part of the Agency’s oper­a­tions. To help us achieve our vision we need help.  We have a well estab­lished (2004) net­work of Cus­tomer Bea­cons, rep­re­sent­ing teams across the Agency.  The bea­cons are in a good posi­tion to encour­age teams who plan and develop ser­vices and deliver improve­ments to take account of what you, our cus­tomers, want.  They draw on the feed­back they receive from all road users, includ­ing freight; motorists; pas­sen­gers; cyclists and other cus­tomers such as road neigh­bours and local com­mu­ni­ties.  The feed­back comes from many sources includ­ing cor­re­spon­dence; tele­phone calls to the High­ways Agency Infor­ma­tion Line (HAIL) and our reg­u­lar sur­veys.  The pub­lished feed­back can be seen in the lat­est Cus­tomer Feed­back Report cov­er­ing quar­ter 4 2013–14 (105KB PDF).

Cus­tomer feed­back, includ­ing com­plaints and com­pli­ments, comes to us through many dif­fer­ent chan­nels and since 2006 we have been car­ry­ing out a reg­u­lar rolling pro­gramme of Area Road Users’ Sat­is­fac­tion Sur­veys (ARUSS) in each of our seven regions (thir­teen areas).  The ques­tions cover the respon­dents’ gen­eral expe­ri­ences and per­cep­tions of the net­work within the area where they live. We use the results to gain under­stand­ing about what road users’ find impor­tant and this helps us to improve our ser­vices.  The National Road Users’ Sat­is­fac­tion Sur­vey (NRUSS) tracks sat­is­fac­tion with respon­dents’ last jour­ney on the net­work.  Please visit the Sat­is­fac­tion Sur­veys page for the most recent results.

If you have any ques­tions about either of these sur­veys we would be pleased to hear from you. Please email our High­ways Agency Infor­ma­tion Line (HAIL)

Pro­mot­ing a more cycle-friendly network

We know from recent cus­tomer feed­back that safety while cycling is very impor­tant to an increas­ing num­ber of you and fol­low­ing the recent excite­ment for the Tour de France Grand Depart in York­shire on 5 and 6 July and from Cam­bridge to Lon­don on 7 July, we are plan­ning, over the next two years, to invest nearly £20 mil­lion to improve cycling facil­i­ties along our trunk road network.

Improve­ments to our cycling facil­i­ties include:

  • new road mark­ings, cycle lane and cross­ing points
  • new fly­overs to con­nect exist­ing national cycle routes
  • dropped kerbs and veg­e­ta­tion clearance
  • refreshed and new signs for cyclists and drivers

Work­ing closely with Sus­trans, the char­ity which works to encour­age sus­tain­able trans­port, and using the infor­ma­tion from The Times’ Cities Fit for Cycling cam­paign, we iden­ti­fied 100 poten­tial loca­tions. Fea­si­bil­ity stud­ies were then car­ried out on the 20 high­est pri­or­ity sites and, fol­low­ing liai­son with the Cyclists’ Tour­ing Club and British Cycling, 13 schemes across the coun­try will be deliv­ered by March 2015. And we’re now look­ing into pro­vid­ing more schemes dur­ing 2015/16.

Smart Motor­way Schemes

The start of con­struc­tion on three smart motor­way schemes — the M1 junc­tions 28–31 in Der­byshire, M1 junc­tions 32-35a in South York­shire and the M3 at junc­tion 2-4a in Sur­rey — has now been announced by the Trans­port Secretary.

The new schemes are cen­tral to the Government’s long term eco­nomic plan and part of the sig­nif­i­cantly increased invest­ment in the road net­work by 2021, which will see spend­ing nearly tripled on major improve­ments to the strate­gic road network.

Sym­bol Signed Diver­sion Routes

We know from your feed­back that many of you have, in the past, had prob­lems fol­low­ing diver­sion signs. Our web page about sym­bol signed diver­sion routes has been designed to help you.

You tell us that you like…

  • Advance warn­ing signs and Infor­ma­tion about road closures
  • Good com­mu­ni­ca­tion
  • Quick responses to your queries
  • Reg­u­lar con­tact and updates on spe­cific schemes
  • Traf­fic Officers

You tell us that you dislike …

  • Con­ges­tion
  • Prob­lems with traf­fic light phasing
  • Insuf­fi­cient sign­ing of diver­sion routes
  • Lack of infor­ma­tion about overnight closures
  • Pot­holes and poor road surfaces
  • Noise due to roadworks