Episode 3: Need for Speed

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Broad­cast: BBC 2, 9pm, Tues­day 23 September

Need for Speed, episode 3 of The Motor­way: Life in the Fast Lane, fol­lows var­i­ous agen­cies work­ing to keep the M6 open and flow­ing. This includes work crews going out on Box­ing Day; rolling pot­hole repairs in the mid­dle of night; recov­ery of broken-down vehi­cles; mea­sures to pre­vent “rub­ber­neck­ing” after inci­dents; and a look at some of the dan­gers fac­ing staff who work on live car­riage­ways of the motor­way. This episode also shows the response of the High­ways Agency, police and other agen­cies to a tragic sui­cide on the M6.

Road work crew at night

High­ways crews often work through the night to min­imise dis­rup­tion to road users.

Issues raised in episode 3: Need for Speed                                   

Episode 3, Need for Speed, fea­tures a lorry which has bro­ken down on the M6. Traf­fic offi­cers explain the lorry needs to be removed from the car­riage­way as soon as pos­si­ble, to pre­vent con­ges­tion build­ing up. The lorry dri­ver is told it will need to be recov­ered by the High­ways Agency. This is in line with national guid­ance for ensur­ing roads remain open wher­ever pos­si­ble. See fur­ther infor­ma­tion on national vehi­cle recov­ery.