Knowledge Compendium

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2014 - 15 Innovation Programme

Our Inno­va­tion Pro­gramme for 2014–15 con­sists of 11 Port­fo­lios. These have been devel­oped to meet the par­tic­u­lar knowl­edge needs of the Agency. The links in the table below will take you to the rel­e­vant research projects in that Port­fo­lio. More research project pages will appear as they are awarded, through­out the finan­cial year.

01 Improving Workforce Health & Safety (2014-15)Steve Williams
02 Influencing Road User Safety & Risk (2014-15)Richard Leonard
03 Operating and Maintaining the Network (2014-15)Freda Rashdi
04 Developing and Delivering Technology Solutions (2014-15)Joanne White
05 Delivering Smart Motorways (2014-15)Freda Rashdi
06 Ensuring Value for Money (2014-15)Andrew Wingrove
07 Effective Asset Management (2014-15)Neil Loudon
08 Supporting High Quality Environmental and Social Performance (2014-15)Ivan Le Fevre
15 Technical Governance (2014-15)Steve Davy
16 Traffic Appraisal Modelling and Economics (2014-15)Roger Himlin
20 Planning Performance & Sustainability (2014-15)Freda Rashdi