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16 Traffic Appraisal Modelling and Economics (2015-16)

This port­fo­lio aims to develop new meth­ods and guid­ance that meet cur­rent and antic­i­pated data, mod­el­ling and assess­ment and eval­u­a­tion chal­lenges in order to sup­port High­ways Eng­land in meet­ing the require­ment to ensure value for money.

Suc­cess for this port­fo­lio will be demon­strated by the fol­low­ing out­comes and outputs:

  • Rec­om­men­da­tions con­cern­ing the effec­tive­ness of assess­ment meth­ods, as well as new and revised assess­ment guid­ance, which, when imple­mented, do not cause unpre­dictable results and prob­lems and reduce the num­ber of instances when dif­fer­ent con­sul­tants ask the same ques­tion of TAME ACOs.
  • Traf­fic mod­els fit for the pur­pose of apprais­ing High­ways Eng­land schemes that have been deliv­ered more efficiently.
  • Traf­fic mod­els for indi­vid­ual schemes of an improved stan­dard that gain approval from PTS with fewer delays and require less spe­cific advice on top­ics cov­ered by the new guidance.
  • Clearly drafted guid­ance and soft­ware that matches cur­rent appraisal and assess­ment requirements.

Clar­ity about how assess­ment method­ol­ogy should be amended and sub­se­quently the effec­tive imple­men­ta­tion of changes into guidance.


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