Knowledge Compendium

For pre-2009 projects, please see our index of archived project pages.


Alpha­bet­i­cal List­ing of Topics

To assist you in car­ry­ing out searches of the Knowl­edge Com­pendium, recent projects have been assigned to a spe­cific Topic, that is a key­word or key-phrase used to pro­vide a link between a num­ber of projects on sim­i­lar or related sub­ject areas. An alpha­bet­i­cal list­ing of Top­ics is also avail­able via the above link. Cur­rently there are about 80 Top­ics, and the list will be expanded to include other sub­ject areas as the pro­gramme evolves.

To fur­ther assist in searches the Top­ics are grouped into 17 Cat­e­gories that cover the pri­mary busi­ness areas. These Cat­e­gories, and the Top­ics they include, are shown below. How­ever note that Cat­e­gories, unlike Top­ics, are not linked to the data­base and can­not be used for search­ing; their use is solely to help iden­tify Top­ics rel­e­vant to a search.

1 Strategy and Planning

2 Document Management

3 Economics and Asset Management

4 Risk and Contingency

5 Geotechnics and Drainage

6 Structures

7 Pavement Design & Maintenance

8 Road Geometry

9 Road Users

10 Safety

11 Traffic

12 Traffic Equipment (inc. Signs and Lighting)

13 Traffic Management / ITS

14 Sustainability

15 Landscape and Planning

16 Weather / Climate

17 Environment