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Managed Motorways

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13 Traffic Management / ITS


Project TitleStatus
Future Managed Motorways Concept Development — Simulation StudiesCompleted
Hard Shoulder Monitoring System (HASMOS) — Alternative System Research ProjectCompleted
Incident Management On Managed MotorwaysCompleted
Managed Motorway Monitoring and Evaluation of Through Junction Running and SafetyCompleted
Managed Motorways — All lane runningCompleted
Managed Motorways 2 Concept Development – Simulation StudiesCompleted
Managed Motorways ForesightingCompleted
Managed Motorways Hard Shoulder AbuseCompleted
Managed Motorways In-Vehicle Data RequirementsCompleted
Managed Motorways Monitoring/Evaluation of Through Junction Running (TJR)Completed
MM-ALR Monitoring-Scoping StudyCompleted
Monitoring of Emergency Refuge Areas (ERAs)Completed
Smart Motorway All Lane Running (SM-ALR) 1st Scheme Monitoring (J23-27)Completed
Smart Motorway All Lane Running (SM-ALR) 1st Scheme Monitoring (J5-7)Completed
Structural Assessment & Design of Hard Shoulders under ATMCompleted
Support for Managed Motorways — Additional Simulation StudiesCompleted