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Road Worker Safety

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10 Safety


Project TitleStatus
All Lanes Running (ALR) Alternative Temporary Traffic Management techniques Simulation studiesCompleted
Automated cone laying trialsCompleted
Calculation of Roadworker Safety and Risk BenefitsCur­rent
Daytime ConspicuityCompleted
Evaluation of Rapid Deployment Speed Enforcement SystemsCompleted
Innovative Traffic Management Technique-Product AssessmentCompleted
IPV CollisionsCur­rent
Night Time ConspicuityCompleted
Quantified risk assessment for road worker safetyCom­pleted
Removal of Road Danger Lamps from Longitudinal ConingCur­rent
Simplification of Temporary Traffic Management SigningCompleted
Stability of Emergency Traffic Management SignsCompleted
Static lane closure technique using a) a standard cone taper & b) using a IPVCurrent
Traffic Officer Service — Specialist Human Behaviour Evaluation of Single Crewing DeploymentCompleted
Traffic Officer Vehicle ConspicuityCur­rent
TTM sign designs and sign sizes AfZ project 1.MCompleted
Use of MS4 Variable Message Signs to display advance warning of roadworksCompleted