RSS feeds terms and conditions

RSS feeds are available from Highways England at www​.highways​.gov​.uk/​rss.

Traffic feeds may be freely used on commercial sites subject to the following conditions:

  1. Highways England is credited as the information source.
  2. All URLs in the feed are preserved and remain functional. (These take users to map pages containing further information of incidents).
  3. The feed is cached on the third-party website's local server and served to its users from there. The cache can be updated as often as required: we recommend every five minutes.
  4. No guarantee is given as to availability or uptime but we use our best endeavours to make the information available at all times.

To help us to gauge how useful the information is, webmasters are asked to let us know which sites they have placed our feeds on.

Would businesses/organisations wishing to use our traffic feeds please fill in the short form below:

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