Traffic information RSS feeds

Here you can subscribe to traffic information about incidents on the Highways Agency network via RSS feed.

The feeds listed below contain all current and future planned events for the main regions and roads across our network. A more detailed list of incidents is available from the My Preferences area of the traffic information services page.

Changes to how we present road works information

From 8 December 2014 we are trialling a change to the publication of both planned and current road works information to improve its accuracy and reliability.

Regional RSS Feeds

RegionCurrent IncidentsPlanned RoadworksAll Events
South EastSouth EastSouth EastSouth East
South WestSouth WestSouth WestSouth West
West MidlandsWest MidlandsWest MidlandsWest Midlands
East MidlandsEast MidlandsEast MidlandsEast Midlands
North WestNorth WestNorth WestNorth West
North EastNorth EastNorth EastNorth East

Key Roads RSS Feeds

RoadCurrent IncidentsPlanned RoadworksAll Events

Breaking News RSS Feed