Traffic bulletin: A590 Greenodd - temporary traffic lights in place for roadworks

Published date: 23 November 2013
Type:Press release
Region: North West

HIGHWAYS AGENCY News Release issued 23 November 2013

Drivers using the A590 in Cumbria this weekend are being reminded that temporary traffic lights are in use at Greenodd - with queuing likely.

Users of the westbound and eastbound carriageways around the important new roundabout works will need to take turns to get past the roadworks using a single lane.

Additionally, there will be no access at all into or from the A5092 local road at its junction with the A590 where the new roundabout is being delivered.

The temporary traffic signals will be in place between 6am this morning (Saturday 23 November) and 6am on Monday (25 November).

However, over the weekend local businesses around Greenodd will remain open and accessible, despite the road closure, and the Highways Agency is putting measures in place to reduce queuing during the 15th annual Dickensian Christmas Festival taking place in Ulverston.

More information on this weekend's work is available in our latest news release: http://​press​.highways​.gov​.uk/​P​r​e​s​s​-​R​e​l​e​a​s​e​s​/​B​u​s​i​n​e​s​s​e​s​-​o​p​e​n​-​a​s​-​u​s​u​a​l​-​d​u​r​i​n​g​-​w​e​e​k​e​n​d​-​d​i​v​e​r​s​i​o​n​-​f​o​r​-​G​r​e​e​n​o​d​d​-​p​r​o​j​e​c​t​-​6​9​6​6​f​.​a​spx

More information about the project is available at: http://​www​.highways​.gov​.uk/​r​o​a​d​s​/​r​o​a​d​-​p​r​o​j​e​c​t​s​/​a​5​9​0​-​g​r​e​e​n​o​d​d​-​j​u​n​c​t​i​o​n​-​i​m​p​r​o​v​e​m​e​nt/


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• was unveiled across three announcements - in July and October 2012 and in April 2013 with the third ‘tranche’ consisting of technology-based, as well as road-based, projects.

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