A14 Junctions 7-9 Kettering Bypass Improvement Scheme - Scheme Information Leaflet

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The A14 is a major trans-European, national and inter-urban regional transport route that suffers congestion and poor traffic flow near Kettering on a daily basis.

The A14, between junctions 7 and 9, forms the western border of Kettering. This section of the A14, particularly between junctions 7 and 8,
is one of the busiest sections of this route that runs from Felixstowe to Holyhead. Congestion is becoming common on this section during peak hours.

In addition to this, North Northamptonshire has an ambition to provide 40,500 new homes by 2031. This will bring new road users to the network, increasing traffic flows in the future, affecting driver safety and having an impact on the environment, if nothing is done.
To overcome congestion and traffic flow problems and accommodate the planned development, the 2011 government Autumn Statement Growth Review announced that this section of the A14 will be widened, to increase its capacity and meet road user needs. The scheme will provide an extra lane in each direction within the existing highway boundary and is scheduled to complete in 2015.