A453 Widening (M1 Junction 24 to A52 Nottingham) Public Exhibition Report - Executive Summary

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The A453 east of the M1 is a major route between Nottingham, the M1, and Nottingham East Midlands Airport. The existing single carriageway road has become increasingly congested, carrying up to 32,000 vehicles per day, has a poor safety record, and poses maintenance difficulties.

The proposed improvement scheme, costing approximately £90 million, is to widen the A453 to dual carriageway between Junction 24 of the M1 and Clifton, and to a four-lane single carriageway through Clifton from the Crusader Roundabout to Farnborough Road junction, at the start of the A52 Nottingham Ring Road.

Public Exhibitions

Public Exhibitions were held on 16th, 17th, and 18th September 2004 at Kegworth and Clifton. The purpose of the exhibitions was to inform the general public and other interested parties about the current proposals, and to bring them up to date following the Public Consultation for the Multi Modal Study held in February 2002.

A leaflet containing information on the proposals was prepared and approximately 12,000 copies distributed in advance to local residents and land owners, local authorities, Government agencies, MPs and MEPs, environmental bodies, the emergency services, other stakeholders and bodies with public responsibilities, action/user groups and the press. Details were also published on the Highways Agency website.

The exhibitions displayed indicative preliminary designs, and were attended by staff from the Highways Agency and consultants Pell Frischmann who were there to explain the proposals, answer questions from the public and accept written comments.

In addition to comments received at the exhibitions, responses from the public and others were received subsequently by post and email.

After the exhibitions, copies of the exhibition panels including illustrative drawings and a summary of the preliminary assessments of environmental effects were made available for public viewing at local authority and Highways Agency offices and (in summary form) on the Highways Agency website.

Summary of responses to the exhibitions

A total of 649 visitors attended the exhibitions, with 182 comments received. A further 38 written comments were received following the exhibitions. Most respondents appeared to understand the proposals. A few expected more detail and had not appreciated that the scheme was still at an early stage.

The responses to the exhibition at Kegworth generally supported the proposals. The main concern expressed was that the scheme was not to be built sooner. A further main concern was about the effects that a new junction at Barton in Fabis would have on the village.

At the Clifton exhibition the overall view was different from that at Kegworth. Although the majority supported the proposals between the M1 and Clifton, there was a spread of views, including support for a bypass of Clifton, or the previously published scheme in which the A453 through Clifton was to be a dual carriageway in cutting between retaining walls.

The range of issues from the written responses at both exhibitions is shown in Figure 1 below.

Public Exhibition Report - Executive Summary figure1

Figure 1 (From a total of 220 written comments)

The exhibitions and subsequent correspondence identified concerns for future attention including environmental issues in Clifton, particularly noise, provisions for cyclists and speed of traffic.

The responses received from local authorities and other groups generally supported the proposals whilst suggesting further consideration of a number of issues.

There were many requests to be kept informed as the scheme progresses.

Recommendations of the Public Exhibition

Due consideration should be given to the concerns expressed during and following the exhibitions as the scheme progresses.
Care should be taken to keep the public and stakeholders informed during the preparation of the scheme.
The full report is available for download in PDF format in the Publications section of A453 Widening web site.