M25 Junctions 23-27 Smart Motorways - Safety Project Control Framework Products

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Safety Plan

 The purpose of this document is to:

  • Describe the Safety Management System (SMS) and corresponding safety activities to be undertaken in order to achieve Safety Objectives
  • Describe how the SMS has been selected
  • Define the project Safety Objectives and how they will be achieved
  • Explain how the project Safety Baseline will be defined to allow future measurement of performance against the Safety Baseline
  • Provide an overview of the current highway network safety performance to assist with the selection of Safety Objectives
  • Describe the project organisation, how responsibility for safety activities has been devolved and the associated programme management and control processes

Hazard Log Report

The purpose of this  document is to:

  • Describe the relationship between the scheme Hazard Log and the generic hazard log for a typical ALR scheme,  focussing on the principal differences between the two.
  • Provide a short summary of the approach taken to populate the scheme Hazard Log.
  • Record the key assumptions made as part of the risk assessment.
  • Provide the necessary data to support the achievement of the Safety Objectives as set out in the scheme Safety Plan.
  • Include list of actions and investigations generated as a result of the Hazard Log risk assessment, known as Safety Tasks.
  • Include a list of features or processes that are deemed essential to mitigating particular hazards, known as Safety Requirements.

This document considers both road user and road worker safety of the completed project, but its scope does not include safety aspects during construction periods. It is noted that the development of the scheme Hazard Log is a continuous and iterative process until a design is completed. Therefore the Hazard Log Report represents a “snapshot” of the relevant design information at the time it was produced. The scheme Safety Report which is produced near the end of the design process is used to update information in the Hazard log Report.

 Safety Report

The purpose of this  document is to provide a summary of the safety activities, identified in the Safety Plan, that have taken place and describes the available evidence that demonstrates that the scheme Safety Objectives will be achieved. The document provides an update on:

  • risk assessments first reported in the Hazard Log Report
  • verification of Safety Requirements

Where actions are noted as outstanding they are managed alongside other project requirements before the road opens to traffic.