Managed Motorways Future Design

Publication type:Report

Authors: Mouchel
Document Reference: 518482
Publication Date: 10 April 2012 13:37
Assessment Level: Addition to the evidence pool
Peer Review Information: Yes by a Techical Project Board as per Agency standard process
Topics: Developing Standards

Executive Summary

Interim Advice Note (IAN) 161/12 provides the requirements and guidance for the permanent conversion of the hard shoulder to a running lane, whilst retaining the ability to dynamically control traffic. This approach is defined as Managed Motorways – All lanes running (MM-ALR) and the scope of IAN 161/12 is limited to this type of intervention.  If a scheme does not include this, then it is outside the scope of this IAN.

This new specification detailed in the IAN, includes a reduction in the amount of infrastructure necessary for a managed motorway scheme, which will result in significant cost savings. It is however expected to deliver similar congestion benefits as existing managed motorway schemes, whilst maintaining a safe environment, but for significantly less capital and operating costs.

IAN 161/12 can be in the project output documents below: