This road project has now been completed. This page will be available for 6 months from the date of scheme completion, after which time you will only be able to access this information on The National Archive version of this page.

A453, M1 Junction 24 Roundabout Resurfacing

Project status:   Completed
Region:  Midlands

Start date:   26 November 2012
End date:  December 2012

Type:   Maintenance Scheme
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Maintenance Scheme

Part of our ongoing programme of work to maintain England's strategic road network

Cost:  £350,000

Managed by:   Area 7


Where was the project located?

We resurfaced the roundabout at junction 24 of the M1, in late November 2012.

Why was the scheme needed?

The road surface had become damaged and the white lines had faded through deterioration.

What work was carried out?

We resurfaced the roundabout and renewed the lines, traffic signal loops and road markings.

How did this benefit road users?

Benefits of carrying out this work are that it will now prolong the life of the roundabout and improve safety for drivers.

How do I find out more information ?

If you have any queries about this project you should contact the Highways Agency Information Line by emailing ha_​info@​highways.​gsi.​gov.​uk or calling 0300 123 5000.