Standards for Highways

Stan­dards for High­ways con­tains a vari­ety of tech­ni­cal doc­u­men­ta­tion relat­ing to the design, con­struc­tion and main­te­nance of highways.

Some of the doc­u­ment types avail­able on the site are as follows:

The Design Man­ual for Roads & Bridges (DMRB)

The DMRB pro­vides a com­pre­hen­sive man­ual sys­tem which accom­mo­dates all cur­rent stan­dards, advice notes and other pub­lished doc­u­ments relat­ing to the design, assess­ment and oper­a­tion of trunk roads (includ­ing motor­ways). These doc­u­ments, together with later addi­tions, have been gath­ered together in a con­sis­tent series of vol­umes within the man­ual to help in meet­ing the require­ments of qual­ity assur­ance procedures.

The Man­ual of Con­tract Doc­u­ments for High­way Works (MCHW)

The MCHW con­sists of sev­eral parts which include the admin­is­tra­tive pro­ce­dures for its use, the Spec­i­fi­ca­tion for High­way Works and its cor­re­spond­ing Method of Mea­sure­ment. The Man­ual incor­po­rates the require­ments of EU leg­is­la­tion which are manda­tory for all Pub­lic Pro­cure­ment Bodies.

Interim Advice Notes (IANs)

IANs are issued by the High­ways Agency from time to time. They con­tain spe­cific guid­ance, which shall only be used in con­nec­tion with works on motor­ways and trunk roads in Eng­land, sub­ject to any spe­cific imple­men­ta­tion instruc­tions con­tained within an IAN.

Rou­tine Win­ter Ser­vice Code (RWSC)

The Code cov­ers the Per­for­mance Require­ments for high­ways and struc­tures and the oper­a­tional win­ter ser­vice on the motor­way and trunk road net­work. It shall be noted that noth­ing in the Code shall relieve or absolve the Ser­vice Provider of any of its oblig­a­tions to com­ply with legal and leg­isla­tive require­ments. The Ser­vice Provider is also reminded that com­pli­ance with all rel­e­vant stan­dards and codes of prac­tice forms an implicit and inher­ent part of the Code.

The Net­work Main­te­nance Man­ual (NMM)

This Net­work Man­age­ment Man­ual (NMM) pro­vides advice, some manda­tory instruc­tion and guid­ance on good prac­tice for the man­age­ment and pro­vi­sion of the rou­tine and win­ter ser­vice on the trunk road net­work. It gen­er­ally describes the processes for the man­age­ment of the main­te­nance ser­vice includ­ing the inter­face between the High­ways Agency, its ser­vice providers and other stakeholders.

Fur­ther Tech­ni­cal Information

Infor­ma­tion and down­loads on forth­com­ing DMRB/MCHW doc­u­ments, Road Restraints Sys­tems, Eurocodes, Errant Vehi­cles, Air Qual­ity and Gantries.

The Traf­fic Sys­tems & Sign­ing Registry

The TSS Plans Reg­istry con­tains unpriced High­ways Agency doc­u­ments in the field of traf­fic sys­tems and sign­ing (tss). The doc­u­ments are pre­fixed with MCE, MCF, MCG, MCH, TR, TRG and TRH.