M1 Closure J20 - J21 Northbound, Leicestershire. Thursday 04 December 2014

The M1 was closed on Thurs­day between junc­tions 20 and 21 in Leices­ter­shire due to an inci­dent involv­ing 2 cars.

Leices­ter­shire Police directed that the M1 be closed due to an inci­dent involv­ing 2 cars. The inci­dent occurred around 18:40. High­ways Agency Traf­fic Offi­cers and the Ambu­lance Ser­vice were also in atten­dance. Our East Mid­lands Regional Con­trol Cen­tre set signs and sig­nals to warn motorists of the incident

19:32. With the clo­sure in place, the Emer­gency Ser­vices in atten­dance were actively involved in treat­ing the casu­al­ties at scene. At this stage there was approx­i­mately 2.5 miles of trapped traf­fic (vehi­cles that were caught within the clo­sure), and con­ges­tion was almost back to J19, build­ing rapidly.  A signed diver­sion was insti­gated by the High­ways Agency with motorists directed to fol­low the Hol­low Black Square sym­bol via the A5 and the M69 (see map below).

A plan was put into place to release the trapped traf­fic by rear­ward relief , whereby traf­fic is turned around on the affected car­riage­way to travel in the reverse direc­tion, in this case to junc­tion 20 where it exited. This process was a lengthy one due to the con­sid­er­able amount of vehi­cles within the clo­sure, some 2.5 miles of traffic.

Leices­ter­shire Police along with our High­ways Agency Traf­fic Offi­cers organ­ised recov­ery vehi­cles for the 2 cars and a full Police inves­ti­ga­tion ensued.

We were due to have in place on this night a planned full clo­sure of the M1 north­bound for car­riage­way re-surfacing, how­ever, mind­ful of the fact that our cus­tomers were already expe­ri­enc­ing con­sid­er­able delays and incon­ve­nience due to this inci­dent, we decided not to go ahead with the road­works to avoid fur­ther dis­rup­tion to jour­ney plans. At 01:40 all the trapped traf­fic was released,and then it was just a case of recov­er­ing a num­ber of bro­ken down vehi­cles within the clo­sure (which were not asso­ci­ated with the acci­dent). Delays at this time were clear­ing. Leices­ter­shire Police con­cluded their inves­ti­ga­tions and we were look­ing to get the road re-opened. This occurred at 03:35 with all the bro­ken down vehi­cles  finally recovered.

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