M2 Closure J6 - J7 Both Directions, Kent. Tuesday 02 December 2014

The M2 was closed in both direc­tions (London-bound and coast-bound) between J6 and J7 due to an inci­dent involv­ing a HGV (car trans­porter) which over turned after cross­ing over the cen­tral reser­va­tion barrier.

The M2 in Kent was closed around 18:20 on Tues­day 2nd Decem­ber fol­low­ing an inci­dent involv­ing 2 cars and a HGV (Car Trans­porter) which was fully laden. As a result of  this inci­dent, the HGV crossed through the cen­tral reser­va­tion bar­rier from the London-bound car­riage­way onto the Coast-bound and over turned shed­ding part of its load.  Sig­nif­i­cant dam­age was sub­se­quently caused to the cen­tral reser­va­tion bar­rier amount­ing to a dis­tance of  approx­i­mately 240 meters in length.

Kent Police took over­all con­trol of the inci­dent, and the High­ways Agency had Traf­fic Offi­cers and con­trac­tors on scene also. Pro­tracted recov­ery work and clean up oper­a­tions ensued, and due to the sig­nif­i­cant bar­rier dam­age it was read­ily appar­ent that the M2 would not be fully reopened for some time. There were severe delays due to this inci­dent , how­ever imple­men­ta­tion of a sym­bol led diver­sion via the A2 and A251 and over head gantry signs advis­ing traf­fic on the M25 to use the M26 and M20 as an alter­na­tive route, helped to reduce these delays. We also had to deal with the trapped traf­fic caught within the clo­sure and this was achieved around 20:30. A small num­ber of bro­ken down vehi­cles remained within the clo­sure after this but recov­ery trucks were requested to remove these.

M2 J6 - J7 closure for over turned car transporter

We were able able to open one lane on the coast bound car­riage­way at approx­i­mately 22:15 and one lane on the Lon­don– bound car­riage­way some time later around 04:08 the fol­low­ing morn­ing (3rd Decem­ber 2014). This was due the vehi­cles involved in the inci­dent  being sit­u­ated on this car­riage­way (Lon­don bound) and recov­ery oper­a­tions being car­ried out through­out the early hours of the morn­ing to remove them.

Repairs to the dam­aged cen­tral reser­va­tion bar­rier were exac­er­bated by the fact that the dam­aged posts were set in con­crete and needed to be removed before being replaced with new ones. Some 56 lengths of bar­rier were needed to to be replaced to make the road safe to use again.  Overnight tem­per­a­tures were low result­ing in extra time being required for the con­crete to cure.

We removed the lane clo­sure on the  coast bound car­riage­way at approx 15:00 on the 4th and the Lon­don bound lane clo­sure was removed at 21:00 on the  same day once the instal­la­tion of the replace­ment bar­rier was completed.

For the safety of road users there was a 50 mph tem­po­rary speed limit in place until Sat­ur­day 6th Decem­ber whilst the new con­crete foun­da­tion of the replace­ment bar­rier was curing.

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