M25 Closure J27 - J26 Both Directions, Hertfordshire/Essex. Tuesday 09 December 2014

The M25 in Hertfordshire/Essex was closed on Tues­day 09 Decem­ber between J23 – J27 due to a multi-vehicle col­li­sion which involved 3 HGV’s and a car. The scene of the inci­dent was between J26 – J27. One of the HGV’s crossed over the car­riage­way col­lid­ing with a sec­tion of con­crete cen­tral reser­va­tion bar­rier and push­ing it onto the main car­riage­way. A sub­stan­tial diesel spillage and the cen­tral reser­va­tion bar­rier dam­age caused the closure.

Damage from scene of incident

Shortly before 01:50 this very seri­ous crossover col­li­sion was responded to by High­ways Agency and Essex Police. Fire Ser­vice and Ambu­lance crews and Met Police addi­tion­ally assisted with this inci­dent. Dur­ing the early hours High­ways Agency Traf­fic Offi­cers under­took oper­a­tions to clear con­sid­er­able amounts of trapped traf­fic and deployed sig­nif­i­cant resources to under­take this task and close the appro­pri­ate exit and entry slip roads. Vol­umes of trapped traf­fic were con­sid­er­able with a num­ber of HGV’s hav­ing to be turned around. M25 clock­wise car­riage­way had 1 mile of trapped  traf­fic and the anti-clockwise had just over 3 miles of trapped traf­fic, all of which had to be turned to return to pre­vi­ous junctions.

Clo­sure of the motor­way clock­wise direc­tion was ini­tially extended back to J25, how­ever later in the morn­ing this sit­u­a­tion was amended.  Just before 07:00 the deci­sion was taken to close the M25 from fur­ther afield to allow strate­gic traf­fic to divert more effec­tively. The clock­wise car­riage­way was closed at J23 to allow traf­fic to use the A1 south­bound, A406 (North Cir­cu­lar) and M11 north­bound to re-join the M25 motor­way at J27.  The anti-clockwise diver­sion being the reverse of this route. Severe delays of over 1 hour were being expe­ri­enced as the morn­ing peak began to affect the approach­ing routes. Through­out the morn­ing and after­noon recov­ery oper­a­tions were car­ried out and a pro­longed and exten­sive acci­dent inves­ti­ga­tion was con­ducted by Essex Police.

At 12:55 the M25 was re-opened from J23 to J25 clock­wise allow­ing traf­fic to now join the A10 south­bound to the A406. Impor­tantly shortly after 15:00, 2 lanes were re-opened in both direc­tions as vehi­cle recov­ery oper­a­tions were com­pleted. Dur­ing the evening High­ways Agency con­trac­tors began repair works and pos­i­tively, an addi­tional lane was re-opened on the anti-clockwise just after 18:30 pm.

The extent and sever­ity of this inci­dent has required that 2 lanes in either direc­tion are being resur­faced overnight between 22:00 and 06:00. High­ways Agency con­trac­tors are work­ing through the night to com­plete the resur­fac­ing which will enable three lanes to be oper­a­tional in each direc­tion to min­imise dis­rup­tion for the morn­ing peak.

Repairs to the cen­tral con­crete bar­rier will how­ever take more time and for this rea­son lane four in each direc­tion is expected to be out of action for a few days.  At least 40 metres of the struc­ture will need to be rebuilt – with tem­po­rary safety bar­rier in place until the per­ma­nent con­crete bar­rier is fully set and strong enough.

Traf­fic through the area of road­works between junc­tions 26 and 27 will be con­trolled using the Smart Motor­way tech­nol­ogy to keep con­ges­tion to the min­i­mum possible.

Through­out this inci­dent, High­ways Agency updated cus­tomers via our web­site www.highways.gov.uk/traffic-information/ and via our regional twit­ter feeds @HATraffic_seast @HATraffic_east.

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