M6 Closure J2 - J1 Southbound, Warwickshire. Sunday 21 December 2014

The M6 in War­wick­shire was closed south­bound on the evening of Sun­day 21 Decem­ber 2014 between J2 (Coven­try) and J1 (Rugby) due to an inci­dent involv­ing 2 cars. One of the cars left the car­riage­way result­ing in two peo­ple becom­ing trapped, one with seri­ous injuries. Due to the sever­ity of the injuries War­wick­shire Police car­ried out inves­ti­ga­tion into the inci­dent requir­ing the car­riage­way to be closed for sev­eral hours with a diver­sion in place.

At around 19:00 our Traf­fic Offi­cers arrived at the scene of the inci­dent and requested the Ambu­lance and Fire ser­vices to attend to deal with extract­ing the trapped casu­al­ties and treat­ing the injuries involved. War­wick­shire Police were also in atten­dance at the scene. Our West Mid­lands Regional Con­trol Cen­tre oper­a­tors set signs and sig­nals to warn approach­ing traf­fic of lane clo­sures due to the inci­dent, while our National Traf­fic Oper­a­tions Cen­tre issued infor­ma­tion to the travel news media and on twitter.

At approx­i­mately 19:45 the Police requested a full clo­sure of the south­bound car­riage­way so that full inves­ti­ga­tion of the cir­cum­stances of the inci­dent could be car­ried out as one of the injuries had been iden­ti­fied as seri­ous. Our Traf­fic Offi­cers and con­trac­tors dealt with clos­ing the south­bound car­riage­way between J2 and J1 and put a diver­sion in place using a route pre-agreed and signed using a hol­low tri­an­gle sym­bol on local road signs from the M6 J2 via the M69 north­bound to J1, join­ing the A5 east­bound to fol­low this to join the A426 south­bound and re-join the M6 at J1.  Elec­tronic Vari­able Mes­sage Signs were also acti­vated fur­ther afield and fur­ther updates were issued to the media and twit­ter to give advance warn­ing to traf­fic of the clo­sure and pro­vide diver­sion information.

War­wick­shire Police fin­ished their inves­ti­ga­tion at approx­i­mately mid­night and recov­ery of the vehi­cles then began. Recov­ery was com­pleted at 01:10. Once recov­ery was com­plete work began to make the near­side bar­rier safe fol­low­ing the dam­age done by the inci­dent.  The full car­riage­way clo­sure was required to remain in place while this was car­ried out as the bar­rier at this loca­tion pro­tects a bridge cul­vert and would not have been safe if another inci­dent had occurred nearby. This work was com­pleted and the car­riage­way re-opened at around 03:30.

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