M6 Closure J13-J12 Southbound , Staffordshire. Monday 02 March 2015

The M6 was closed south­bound on Mon­day 2 March 2015 between junc­tions 13 and 12 in Stafford­shire due to sep­a­rate acci­dents within our road­works  involv­ing 2 Heavy Goods Vehi­cles. This resulted in a large diesel spill on the carriageway.

At around 23:15 a Heavy Goods Vehi­cle suf­fered a tyre blow-out which resulted in a fur­ther inci­dent involv­ing a sec­ond Heavy Goods Vehi­cle and a car.  Both of the Heavy Goods Vehi­cles suf­fered fuel tank rup­tures as a result of the col­li­sions and this sub­se­quently led to both HGV’s  spilling in excess of 800 litres of diesel onto the car­riage­way road sur­face. Our High­ways Agency Traf­fic Offi­cers in part­ner­ship with Cen­tral Motor­way Police Group,  remained at the scene while ded­i­cated clean up crews were dis­patched to assess the spillage and carry out recov­ery work.

Due to the sig­nif­i­cant amount of diesel on the car­riage­way,  spe­cial­ist Hydro-Blast equip­ment (above) was dis­patched to treat the spillage. Our crews worked hard through­out the night and in to the early Tues­day morn­ing rush hour to restore the road to full capac­ity and make the road safe to use once more. Dur­ing the clo­sure strate­gic diver­sions were put in place for road users.   At approx 07:00 our High­ways Agency Traf­fic Offi­cers  halted the traf­fic so that they could safely remove the clo­sure and re-open the car­riage­way. The acci­dent and clean up oper­a­tions impacted upon traf­fic to the extent that con­ges­tion extended back to J14 at the time of reopen­ing the car­riage­way with approx­i­mately 7 miles of queu­ing traffic.

Through­out the inci­dent we endeav­oured to keep motorists updated and used our break­ing news web­site and Twit­ter feeds to dis­sem­i­nate infor­ma­tion as it developed.

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