© Crown Copyright Notice

Images from the High­ways Agency traf­fic cam­eras are Crown Copy­right protected.

The Agency per­mits access to traf­fic cam­era images under Licence with author­ity del­e­gated from the Con­troller of Her Majesty’s Sta­tionery Office (HMSO). Licensees are required, amongst other things, to:

  • credit the source of the images as being from the Agency’s traf­fic man­age­ment cameras
  • acknowl­edge the Crown Copy­right sta­tus of the images

Addi­tion­ally, some users will need to:

  • pay the mar­ginal direct costs incurred by the Agency in pro­vid­ing a con­nec­tion to the Agency’s telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions sys­tem and facil­i­tat­ing access to the images;
  • mon­i­tor, col­lect data and under­take cus­tomer research on the licensed service(s) — pro­vid­ing the results to the Agency for eval­u­a­tion pur­poses. The Licensees’ data and reports shall be clas­si­fied by the Agency as Com­mer­cial in Confidence.

The Agency rou­tinely makes traf­fic cam­era images avail­able to the fol­low­ing organisations:

  • Statu­tory bod­ies and oth­ers who are the Agency’s oper­a­tional partners
  • Inde­pen­dent traf­fic man­age­ment con­trol rooms
  • Cor­po­rate appli­cants who require traf­fic infor­ma­tion for their own inter­nal use (not  involv­ing exploita­tion of the images or copy­ing to Third Parties)
  • Travel infor­ma­tion ser­vice devel­op­ers or providers who need a licence grant­ing exploita­tion rights includ­ing copy­ing to Third Parties

For full infor­ma­tion please refer to the Licens­ing Stan­dard Terms and Con­di­tions page.